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A Unimog story from within


Active Member
Jul 8, 2010
Pretoria Gauteng
A little from the Unimog Club

Yesterday I met with one Henry Wickham to look at the Unimog he bought and introduce him to the Club.

“When did your passion for Unimogs begin” I asked.

Henry grew up in Ficksburg where one of his teachers bought a 1958 411.112 from a farmer. It was “brand new”. This Unimog was used for various things around the school and Ficksburg. Things that interested and impressed school boys. Things that Henry participated in.

A few years on, the Unimog was driven from Fickburg to Tzaneen. A four day trip, as he can recall. Henry at that stage was underaged and made the trip as the co-driver.

Laat vandag het ek ‘n lang gesprek met Johan Oosthuizen gehad. Klub dinge en sommer net gesels. So vra ek toe vir Johan, want ek onthou so iets van ons 2010 ontmoeting langs die Sabie Rivier op Werner se plaas (voor die Klub die lig gesien het), of hy sy Unimog by ‘n onderwyser gekoop het.

“Net so” is die antwoord. En soos die dinge maar loop en ons familie uitlê, raak dit duidelik dat Johan en Henry saam op skool was. Ons praat van een en dieselde Unimog!

Johan was nie direk deel van die trektog na Tzaneen, maar ten volle daarvan bewus.

So is dit dan dat Johan al die jare, tot hy die Unimog gekoop het, sy oog op hom gehad het en kontak met sy oud onderwyser gehou het.

So here we have a new member who fell in love with Unimogs as a young school boy, and specifically the one that is now owned by one of our long standing members.

They have not seen or talked to each other since school days, but they connected again last night as a result of one 1958 411.112.

The Unimog fraternity is small, me thinks.

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