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    Lemforder RSA

    I cannot seem to open the link. I did not know that they now have their own distribution in SA. The agent here in the Cape is Jochi Gremel from Airsprings CC. They were willing to bring in any of the Lemforder parts from Germany. This could be quite good as Lemforder was OEM on many G parts...
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    Mog Camper with unusual cab

    Also saw this one...looks like an Isuzu cab modified to fit on Mog.
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    W460 Diesel Tank

    Hi gents - looking for a diesel tank to fit a w460. Anyone have one for sale or know of one for sale. Will contact Trevor of nothing comes from the Forum. Thanks
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    Oyoyo - Now Chicken Coupé

    Thanks for the extra info. Sounds like a good fit and should not be too difficult to find VW parts.
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    Oyoyo - Now Chicken Coupé

    Hey Andrew - could you maybe post the part number of the ATE booster and master used. Then we can add it to the alternative parts thread.
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    Cape Town Fire Mogs

    Thanks Christian - I am in CT and would love to go and have a look. Maybe in November as October is already jam packed. Maybe one can than make an offer that they will accept and dispense with the auction.
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    Cape Town Fire Mogs

    Please keep us posted...I would be interested if the bottom end is still straight. Cab can be repaired or replaced.
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    W460 - Alternative parts list

    I was wondering if it would be useful to have a thread containing alternative parts that can be used on w460 G's. With so many guys rebuilding and reburbishing their G's some alternative parts can sometimes be more affordable or easier to source. Maybe a syntax like the following for posts...
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    300GD - New engine or rebuild?

    In that case I would rather search (and wait) for a om606. If contemplating a conversion this is tried and tested. Best for a w460 to make it 15 years younger in my opinion... Oops...see the original was posted in 2012:eek:
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    300GD - New engine or rebuild?

    Found it...let me know if I can assist by collecting and storage so long... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ebay.gumtree.za
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    300GD - New engine or rebuild?

    There is one on Gumtree...I will search and see if I can find the link. Was thinking of buying it just in case it ends up in the wrong hands...;)
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    1983 300GD Schmude pick-up, R120k, Alberton

    The more the merrier...hopefully he joins the Club. I think this specific club and forum has some of the best info available on old and new G's. Help or info is offered on almost all requests quite quickly.
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    1983 300GD Schmude pick-up, R120k, Alberton

    Was it sold to a member or can we expect the G crowd to welcome a new member
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    EGR bypass on 270CDi electronics

    A bit off topic from the 270cdi...but does anyone know how to do the EGR blank on a 320cdi or OM642? My C320cdi is a 2006 model with the 7-GTronic...I would also like to do a EGR blank on it. I love this engine with more than 500Nm and 165Kw. EGR blank should do the engine lifetime wonders...
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    Om 606 - costs question.

    Hi Andrew...here are some of the costs I have already undertaken for parts on my 606 conversion... Engine with mechanical pump included - R30000 Pump element swap and calibration R2800 OM603 G engine mounts - difficult to find about R5000 for both Gearbox 711.620 (G32-5) sprinter GB with 0.78...
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    Unimog camper for sale

    Dis hartseer om te verkoop...as ek nie nou huis gekoop het nie het ek nou my droom Mog by jou gekoop!!! Daai Mog gaan iemand baie gelukkig maak en ek is jaloers dat dit nie ek is nie
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    Battery Size

    Bought a Bosch for the E350 reasonably priced from Agrimark - R 2000. Willard also about that price. Both 658 as recommended. P.s. the Varta that came out of the E350 was the original from 2007.
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    G for sale

    Some lovely cars on that link... My favourite by far is the MB Ponton Coupe...drool!
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    Radius arm suspension bushes

    Great write-up and info, thank you! I will have to prepare a little before removing for remake, but will definitely contact you when I am ready. Willing to make a contribution to the tooling cost you have already incurred.
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    Radius arm suspension bushes

    Excellent, thank you Stu. It sounds like it is worth a shot - may I ask how much it cost? I will be in PE next week and may want to have a set made. Did you supply your old bushes for them to use the steel guides or did they remake the entire bush?