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    You Can Still Buy a Brand-New Old-Style G-Wagen, Sort Of

    https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/a20690385/you-can-still-buy-a-brand-new-old-style-g-wagen-sort-of/ And while the old-school 463's run ends in the 2018 model year, there's no end in sight for the 461. "The 461 continues, and we offer that in a number of markets, but only markets that will...
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    Front Seat Option For 460

    So, 3 weeks back we went to the AGM and back. Drove 10 hours there and 10 hours back. At the AGM I already have a sore back. The day after I came back I couldn't even move. Had to be housebound in bed for the whole week. The seats in my G are killing me. I need to look for an alternative...
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    G-class to receive massive facelift in 2017

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    Beru glow plug

    I was taking out my glow plugs as 3 out of 5 are dead. They are a mix of Bosch and Beru glow plugs. After searching the net it seems like Beru is a better glow plug than Bosch. But I can't find where I can get them. Does anyone know where I can get them? And what brand does MB sell? Thanks
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    Wind deflectors

    I'm looking for a set of wind deflectors for my front windows. I found a local distributor for Climair Wind Deflectors and they quote me R990 for the set. What do you guy think? Is the price good? Have anyone used them before? I attach photos I find on fourbyfourclub.com Price on...
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    Dimensions and weight of 617

    Does anyone know a rough idea of the dimensions and weight of the 617 engine? I want to get a quote to courier the engine from jhb to cpt. And if someone can recommend a company that do that. Thanks
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    RustStop - Electronic Rust Protection

    Does anyone know or heard of this product? http://www.ruststop.net/electronic-rust-protection/ I had a friend that used to put this onto every car. He told me that the trucks in the diamond marine mine in Namibia uses them and before, their trucks used to rust in no time. But since they put...
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    Immobiliser/Alarm, yes or no?

    Now that I have got myself a G, I wonder if I should install an immobiliser/Alarm or not. I don't want to lose my G. But I see some people against it. It looks like the G had an alarm before because of stickers. Also the central locking isn't work.
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    Finally got myself a G-wagen

    Hi everyone Let me do a brief intro of myself. My name is Hades, and I stay in Cape Town. (That sounded like an addict recovery group intro, but then again I'm addicted to Mercedes) I'm a huge fan of Mercedes-Benz, and especially the classic. So last year I started looking for a G-wagen...
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    Looking for the year for this VIN

    As some of you know, I'm looking for a 1987 G. I have find someone selling with this VIN. WDB46033227049050 I couldn't find any year on my EPC datacard. I estimate it's around 86-87. Can somebody have a look at their EPC and see if it shows what year it is? Thanks
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    End of G Professional?

    http://blog.mercedes-benz-passion.com/2013/07/ende-fur-das-nachste-g-modell-der-professional-lauft-ende-2013-aus/ I don't understand german, but from google translate it is what it says. Can someone understand german confirm it? If it is the case then it is a very sad news :(
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    Are there any 1987 G?

    Hi all I'm new to the forum, so let me introduce myself. I don't own a G, but I wish someday I do. I always love the G wagon and Mercedes Benz. I had my first G experience during the Cape Getaway Show when MB had a 4x4 test drive, absolutely loved it. So I'm looking to own my first G...