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  1. Stu

    Transmision Problem

    Hi Horst, The 5 speed box would require a shorter shaft, as its longer than a 4 speed. The prop shaft should have a slip joint in it so it can settle to the correct length. Phasing of the universals is where the problem may be. Let us know exactly what needed to be re-conditioned in the...
  2. Stu

    2x G350 @ we buy cars

    I can have a look at the PE one if anyone interested :)
  3. Stu

    OM606 Manufactured Sumps for OM606 's

    not many W124 came with a 606 -more came in the W210 which had the rear mounted sump.
  4. Stu

    OM606 Manufactured Sumps for OM606 's

    the w124 sedan (front sump) worked 100% on my G. think they becoming rare tho
  5. Stu

    Double Cab G606

    Takes me back!! Om606 is a great motor -just dont go too big on the turbo., and a oil cooler is a must. you will need some beefy rear coil springs if you intend loading the bin. all the best with the build. Stu
  6. Stu

    Rear spring replacement

    A leaning G is apparently a 'thing' - you can buy a kit to eliminate the lean. http://fourbyfourclub.com/W463SuspensionParts/W463TiltingKit.htm Quote - If you bellowed G-Class is leaning to the left or the right side, very noticeable on a level platform this is a kit for you...
  7. Stu

    W460 SWB OM606 6spd for sale

    Im sure he will join the forum, another G in Cape Town.
  8. Stu

    W460 SWB OM606 6spd for sale

    Sold :(
  9. Stu

    Gelandewagen Brake Discs

    A new sensor for my ML is R50 from midas! Chris I see you were charged R2379!!! for the sensor - wow!
  10. Stu

    Buying a 2016-2018 350d

    Well to be fair, the G350d and the G300 prof shares the same OM642 v6 diesel motor that motor is also used in the sedans and ML suv. I have a ML320 cdi, with the OM642 - and its is a gem. The G350d has a lot more tech, which 'could fail' but in that 'luxury' segment you will find yourself in...
  11. Stu

    EGR bypass on 270CDi electronics

    Rolf - did you need to do any software configuration? Keen to do this on my W164 -OM642
  12. Stu

    W460 SWB OM606 6spd for sale

    Thanks Andrew - I really did not want it to come to this, but such is life! I was supposed to still be driving my G well into retirement. lets rather not think about the costs.... very sad day when it leaves.
  13. Stu

    W460 SWB OM606 6spd for sale

    Its with great sadness that I put up my pride and joy for sale. Many of you guys know the story of restoration, changes and upgrades. For those that dont, here is a brief spec 1984 230 GE SWB OM606 turbo (fully mechanical) 6sp C220CDi gearbox and single mass valeo clutch kit. Complete...
  14. Stu

    Radius arm suspension bushes

    sorry the rears have wider 'ears'
  15. Stu

    Radius arm suspension bushes

    Andrew, yes its the sleeves that the bolt goes through. You can cut/melt/ whack them out of the old bush. (alternatively turn new ones on a lathe) Correct 8 pieces for front diff. press in from each side. Rears are larger.